Oh my, Oh my… these winters blues


Stop and think for a moment and just think about some of the benefits of the sun.

It serves as a warm blanket for the Earth
Nourishes our body and feeds our plants.
Fills us with rays of happiness and joy.
Creates the best weather in amazing tropical places.

Now…how about that? I can feel the rays of warmth wrapped around me right now producing a warm homey feeling. I have missed my long days. I am oh so glad that we are in daylight savings time. I think it should be permanent time. I wait anxiously for the days when its 60 and above, but I’ll take 40 degree weather any day now. It’s like a warm suprise in this winter, not so bliss time. The other day it was 50 something and I was floating in the clouds. I bet lots of people went out in flip flops and shorts and thought it was summer. They get criticized…so what. It’s been a long time and any little bit you can get, you enjoy (ya’ll know that’s right with anything 😉 ) LOL. Wrong really really quick… from now on I will be using LNL to say that I am laughing and not laughing out loud like a hyena unless needed, LNL= laughing, not loud…simple. Now back to your regular programming, LNL… catching on? Good. I love, I love a whole lot of things, a whole lot of thing… Like when my cousin comes to visit and you know he’s from the South, ’cause every word he says just slides out of his mouth. I like the way he whistle and I love the way he walks, but Honey let me tell you i love the way my cousin talks…I LOVE the way my cousin talks… I love love this poem- Honey, I Love by Eloise Greenfield. It so reminds me of the summertime and having a good ol’ time. The days are passing by and we are half way through March (fingers crossed, no more snow…please and thanks big G). Until, those warm days I enjoy what I can from the Winter, it serves a purpose and I like the four seasons up here in the East. To all you that have these Winter Blues, don’t be sad be glad. Hit the gym-pump up the volume. Brew some coffee-put Folgers right in there. Have a cheat day a eat a big mac-just love it. It’s hard to think in Winter hibernation mode, but put creativity to the test, you might invent the next big small thing, LNL.

Peace, I send sunshine your way, pow!


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