Hoover Damn

blah blah blah blah blah! Damn, you drive me crazy! Can I stop thinking for a moment? Morning, noon, and night, I hear… do this and that, tell this person something like this, this situation feels funky; leave. Before, I wished I could ignore it or turn it off, but something just doesn’t allow me to. Is it God, Me, or something else. My intuition for the most part is always on point, sometimes its scary. I believe it’s God’s way of protecting me and steering me to my purpose in life (for those who do not believe in God or higher power, take this post how you want to or not).

Waking up in the morning is a drag, but I absolutely LOVE the mornings. They fill me with energy and happiness. Now, getting to enjoy that time is another story. The days in which I am down in the dumps and driving myself crazy about my life and its progress, I get this flash of something happy. Then after falling asleep at 2 am, I wake up at 6 am and feel energized. Something says get up and go downstairs. Make some coffee. Open the blinds and wait for the sun to rise. Go outside and just embrace (meanwhile, my neighbors see a crazy looking woman (me) with a cup of coffee, a Donna Summer Afro and bright blue robe standing on the porch. lol).

I wonder… did I come up with this relaxing ‘session” or did God answer my pleas and showed me the “light”? I wondered a lot… then I just allowed myself to believe; no questions asked. Believing… I see the world with brand new eyes. Just as if I were blind and now I see. Emerged in the hustle and bustle of life- a life of worry, mental slavery, and being a workaholic, there was never time. Every minute was labeled “busy” and I created a victim of myself crying ‘I never have time”; bullshit. Complain. Cry. Complain. Cry. COMPLAIN. CRY! Christ!, I am tired… please help me, ’cause I feel like I can’t go on; I’m tired. The next day, I was the crazy looking woman on the porch with her coffee and out of nowhere appeared a thought; a solution.


Side bar: A positive thought with good intention is a sign, solution, what you want to called it. A negative thought is only a solution for self destruction and nothing else, remember that. What you put out ALWAYS comes back to you 10 fold, so make it count.


Peace and enjoy!


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