Do I know you…?


          Since I’ve known you, you have always been this wild spirit. Maybe by fate or by choice. You ask for my opinion and continue to have dominion over your old self. You are comfortable and I hate that for you. You are better and stronger than “that”. What is “that” that I mention. It is your excuses, your shame, your lies and your self pity. Look at her! Look at him! See them all win! That is your problem… focusing on the hims and hers of the world and abandoning your own kitchen. IT’S A MESS, CLEAN IT UP! I do feel bad for you, your struggles…whatever they may be, but I will never tell you how I feel. Instead, I’m here to uplift you in any way I can, without drowning myself in your life. I LOVE YOU, BUT I LOVE ME MORE. And without me here, another will come along and help you out or not…I’m only the messenger, don’t shoot. If you need help, ask me and I will, but a close mouth doesn’t get fed.

With love, theredfly.


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